Monday, 9 February 2009

I started to run, and have now completed a number of half marathons. It began well; novice runners have to concentrate on their speed, rhythm and lots of pain. Unfortunately there is a down side to becoming a proficient runner, your mind, with each stride, becomes a little more free to ponder and pine. Ipod to the rescue; as long as your can resist playlists featuring Colin Hay and Roy Orbinson, which I couldn't. So with the running cure waning in effectiveness after 4 months, I decided I would engage in an abstract form of confrontation. I went to Mexico, a country she had lived in for a year, prior to meeting me. I went to landmarks, to restaurants, to clubs I knew she'd visited. I imagined her sitting at bars, talking to guys, taking photos; and I ignored her, I met other travellers, ate with them, talked with them, and created a micro life amongst the memories of her. It seemed to work, its been two years now, and i've not called once.